Ep 31 John 1.14 pt.2

While the incarnation and condescension of Christ put some limitations on his person as a man He still was all God and His power-filled life and ministry proved it. As we consider this today brother Tony uses the life and power of Christ to preach the gospel of the grace of God to the lost sinner. If you have a lost friend perhaps you would send this message and show someone how much you love and care for their soul.

* We look in Matt. 8 and see Jesus’ power over disease and His power to love as He heals the leper with a touch.
* Then He shows His power and authority over distance and disease and just speaks a word and heals.
* Next, He heals Peter’s mother-in-law so she is able to minister to others, and so He saves us to serve others.
* Following these dealings with man, He next shows His power over the elements and nature as He commands the sea to silence.
* And lastly, we see His mighty power over the devils as they show their fear of the Almighty, and so he just speaks a word, “Go” and the devils go!

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