Ep 34 John 1:14-18

We move into an exciting portion of scripture that too many Christians today are not being taught. John 1:16 says “grace for grace” and v. 17 says “grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.” Does this mean there was no grace until Christ? No truth until Jesus was born? No. However, there is a new grace and a new truth that came by Jesus Christ. Join us next week, Monday, August 13, 2018 as we learn about the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Next we see the kind of trouble one gets into when the scripture is not taught correctly. We learn that religion takes advantage of the ignorant and teaches things that are contrary to the Bible. Brother Tony tries to help as he shows how religion can teach doctrines that boldly denies the truth of the word of God. He challenges the religionist to choose to believe either a man made religion or Jesus’ own words.

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