Ep 37 John 1:16 Grace for Grace

Grace for Grace: Replacing Old T. Grace replaced with New T. Grace

Beginning a study of the word “grace” we must look and see what the Bible says about grace and how the Bible uses grace. Grace is mentioned 37 times in the OT in the KJV, and brother Tony read 23 of the verses to establish that the Bible associate’s “find” or “found” and “eyes” or “sight” with the word grace. Lastly, we looked at Pro 3:34 where grace is used and its cross reference in the NT James 4:6.

However, if you have another version besides the old King James Bible (AV1611) all of the verses that we read are not in your Bible. This causes a problem when defining the word grace. And it will affect how we understand the doctrine that is found in John 1:16. The new versions of the Bible do have the word grace in James 4:6 but not in the verse that it is quoting from the OT and this also causes a problem. Join us tomorrow as we learn more about this discrepancy.

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