Ep 38 John 1.16 Grace for Grace pt.2

Continuing our study of the word “grace” we’ve seen what the Bible says about grace and how the Bible uses grace. Grace is mentioned 37 times in the OT in the KJV, and on Monday brother Tony read 23 of the verses to establish that the Bible associates “find” or “found” and “eyes” or “sight” with the word grace. Lastly, we looked at Pro 3:34 where grace is used and its cross reference in the NT James 4:6.

Both the NIV (New International Version) and the NirV (New International Reader’s Version) have “grace in place of grace already given”. This is an accurate statement, however, because they remove grace from the Old Testament, you are left not knowing what the grace was that is being replaced with the grace that came by Jesus as mentioned in John 1:17, (“but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.”).

We noticed also that the NIV did not have the word grace in Pro 3:34 which is a clear reference to the New Testament passage James 4:6. The editors must have missed the cross reference. However, the NirV editors did catch the mistake and put grace back into Pro 3:34.

But because the Bible teaches us that adding or subtracting from the word of God is forbidden by God in three places, Deut 4:2; Pro 3:5-6; and Rev 22:18-19 great care should be taken not to change the words. Where do we find the first record of someone changing the word of God? Gen 3:1 the serpent in the Garden of Eden…

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